Oxnard Civic Troublemaker


I am also a civic troublemaker ~ you can find out more here:
www.OxnardRenaissance.org (Oxnard Renaissance)

I say “troublemaker” in what I believe to be the best possible sense of the word. Oxnard today has 50+-year-old zoning standards and very poor design guidelines. I work to bring Oxnard zoning and design into the 21st century. 

Oxnard’s downtown is not a thriving place and economic development in Oxnard and Ventura County is simply backward. My behind the scenes work is to change that. Oxnard Boulevard needs to be made into a walkable people-oriented street – instead of the run-down dilapidated people shunning old highway that is currently is.

There is much more…but if any of this interests you ~ join me at OxnardRenaissance.org